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Only one person has ever been known to answer the "Who would win in a fight - Batman or Superman?" question with "Superman". Batman didn't enjoy hurting Martha Kent, but examples must be made. 914 7.04
The Batmobile is black because Batman couldn't get it in a darker color. 1062 7.01
Bullets don't bounce off of Batman's costume; They fly the other direction out of sheer terror. 205 6.92
After what Batman did to The Penguin, real penguins decided to move to Antartica - just in case.... 986 6.91
Batman once caused Mr. Freeze to make Yellow Snow. 850 6.84
Question: McCain or Obama? Answer: Batman. End of story. 190 6.76
Chuck Norris only comes out during the day, because Batman comes out at night 701 6.73
Batman does not use hair product. His hair does what it is told. 1013 6.61
Batman isn't a creature of the night. The night approaches Batman carefully avoiding any eye contact. 1008 6.59
Batman does not breathe. He holds air hostage for a while. 379 6.56
Batman was happier in the sixties. There may have been drugs involved. 953 6.55
There's no where you can run that Batman can't find you. The Flash knows. He tried. 420 6.51
Batman knows both The Question and the answer. 655 6.5
Q: Pirates vs. ninjas? A: Batman. 921 6.49
Death is scared of the Batman. That's why he gave back Jason Todd. 1040 6.47
Batman does not really have a kryptonite ring. It's made of apple-flavored candy. He just intimidates Superman into losing his powers and feeling deathly ill. 1014 6.46
Batman's jet has a thousand buttons, each of which do something different, including but not limited to time travel. None of them are labeled. 919 6.45
Batman doesn't kill. He prefers to make people wish they were dead. 1143 6.44
Batman is the only living person who is known to have deflected Chuck Norris' roundhouse kick. 852 6.41
Batman knows where Waldo is. And he's not telling. 376 6.39
Batman is the only man to beat a brick wall in a game of table tennis. 208 6.38
Among other things, Wayne Enterprises owns the Daily Planet, and Lexcorp. Therefore, Bruce Wayne owns Superman. 638 6.37
Batman doesn't dress like a bat to instill fear. That's why bats dress like him. 1072 6.37
Batman knows what you did. 662 6.37
Robin isn't a partner, he's a distraction. That's why Batman has him wearing the bright colours. 651 6.36
Batman doesn't think the Jonas Brothers suck. He knows. Even Robin knows that. 248 6.36
The rest of the Justice League refuses to play Clue with Batman. 861 6.34
Batman doesn't need superpowers; superpowers need Batman. 996 6.33
Batman COULD be President of the United States. It's just that he refuses to live in a white house. 417 6.32
Batman doesn't actually wear a cape. It's his aura of darkness surrounding him. 398 6.32

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